Unicorn Hunter HTFSE 1.3g Vape Pen



Unicorn Hunter HTFSE 1.3g Vape Pen

Buy Unicorn Hunter HTFSE 1.3g Vape Pen Online – HTFSE Combo Vape Pens from – Unicorn Hunter

Rechargeable / Disposable Pens

These are combo pens each offing a unique mix of THC: and CBD in each of the three strains. Each strain is No VIT E / NO VG / NO PG and is solvent free.

Watermelon HTFSE – THC @ 60%  2:1 CBD @ 30%

Cannatonic HTFSE – THC @30% 1:2 CBD @ 60%

Green Apple HTFSE – THC @ 70% 3.5:1 CBD @ 20%

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Watermelon HTFSE 2:1 THC:CBD (Indica-Hybrid), Cannatonic HTFSE 1:2 THC:CBD (Hybrid), Death Bubba Live Resin (Indica-Hybrid), Pineapple Express (Sativa-Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Indica-Hybrid), Strawberry (Hybrid), King Kush (Indica-Hybrid), Blueberry (Indica-Hybrid), Gelato (Indica-Hybrid), Girl Scout Cookies (Indica-Hybrid), Purple Kush Live Resin (Indica), Green Apple HTFSE 3.5:1 (Sativa-Hybrid)


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