Sour Haze Weed Strain


THC: 19% – 26%

Energizing, Focus, Giggly, Happy
May Relieve
ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Fatigue,
Headaches, Hyperactivity, Migraines, PTSD, Stress


Sour Haze Weed Strain

Buy Sour Haze Weed Strain – Sour Haze is a 100% pure Sativa cannabis strain with relatively unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. It is widely agreed among the cannabis community that this bud is likely a cross between Sour X and an unknown Haze weed strain. Sour Haze boasts a moderately high THC level ranging from 19-26% on average and a combination of potent Sativa effects.

The Sour Haze is an ideal Cannabis strain for treating seasoned patients suffering from conditions such as mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic stress, and sleep disorders, including insomnia.


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