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Buy Moby Dick Sativa Bubble Hash

Buy Moby Dick Sativa Bubble Hash Online – Moby Dick Bubble Hash is a Sativa-dominant hybrid made by crossing White Widow(Indica) with Haze (Sativa). This hash method is slightly newer and more refined than the usual bubble hash method.

If you are reading this and appreciate the fine artistry that goes into making hash then you have found premium domestic hash heaven.


Moby Dick flowers were frozen, stripped in an ice bath, and filtered down into a 120-micron bag. The collected material from then120 micron bag was mixed with the material from the 72-micron bag using the same process and then flashed frozen and freeze-dried to extract all moisture possible. This bubble hash is easy to sprinkle into a joint, bong, or basically smoke or vape in whatever way you see fit.

The hash reaches out to you with its sweet earthy spicy, complex aroma that you can’t get enough of. It is like wrapping yourself with the coziest blanket for your mind. You’ll feel creative and upbeat, euphoric but deeply relaxing and calming from head to toe. This potent hash does it all, smokes true to the strain, and is potent.


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